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Photo Agency 2018

The right picture for the right audience June 19, 2018

The Photo Agency 2016 Masterclass aims to assist photographers to balance stock portfolio between different distribution and marketing channels. The stock photography market evolves into a complicated maze of overlapping segments - we have now right-managed stock images, midstock, microstock and rapidly emerging mobile editorial photography segment. The Photo Agency 2016 Masterclass is the niche event focused exclusively on the multichannel photostock distribution. The masterclass provides a unique opportunity to learn about effective marketing of stock photography portfolios for small photo industry operators.

Photo Agency 2016 is perfect for both professional and fledgling photographers, small photo agencies, creative art directors, graphic designers, and social media promoters, all those involved in creating, processing, marketing and consuming stock photography. Amateur photographers are welcome to submit their works to judgement of photo industry professionals. The masterclass offers multiple opportunities for amateur photographers to gain more exposure by participating in photo contests and photo exhibitions and learn social media marketing strategies.

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